Baby K'tan Hip Position

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Put both loops together to form a cirle.

Put both loops over your head like a necklace (with support band at the back of your neck).

Place one arm through BOTH loops and then layer one loop over the other.

Baby K'tan Hip Position

Stretch open the fabric of the carrier at your side so it forms a hammock-like seat.

Lift child up and place him/her in the Carrier with legs straddling your hip. Tip: child’s shoulders and arms may be free of the fabric.

Make sure the fabric covers baby’s bottom up to under his/her knees and is spead over his/her back.

Helpful Tips for Babywearing in the Hip Position

Try your carrier when baby is fed, rested and in a good mood. If baby is fussing, calmly take him/her out and try again later.

Ensure that the fabric is spread wide between baby's legs - reaching the bend in baby's knees - to create a comfortable seat.

Baby can sense your mood. If you are stressed, baby will sense this & will also be stressed! Keep practicing and stay calm :)



Now that your baby is in the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier, it is time for