Baby K'tan Baby Wrap

The Baby K'tan is a perfect solution. It is like a sling and a wrap in one

I really love the Baby K'tan. I rented a wrap and a sling here to try out (didn't want to buy before knowing for sure). The sling pulls my neck and shoulders and the wrap is way to much fabric. It hangs on the dirty floor while I am trying to wrap me and my baby... The Baby K'tan is a perfect solution. It is like a sling and a wrap in one without the neck and shoulder pain of a sling and the dirty fabric of a wrap. I just bought one for my sister in law who is due beginning of march. I should buy one more for myself for when the other one is in the wash. - Carmen



When I'm out, I feel like a walking advertisement

The Baby K'tan is my favorite carrier by far. I used one with my son (now 2 years) from the time he was a newborn until I was pregnant with my second child and just didn't have the energy (or space on my body!) to wear him anymore. I've bought several as gifts for friends and they all love it so much too. When I'm out, I feel like a walking advertisement because I tell everyone what it is and that they should get one too! :) - Kacie


It is the one thing that keeps her calm
Most of the time Georgia was in her Baby K’tan sling where she went into hibernation mode as soon as we went outside. She is just so comfy. Seven weeks old and she is still trying to get back in the womb. This is how I carry her every night from 4-8pm. It is the one thing that keeps her calm. - Kerstin's Maternity Blog


I LOVE this sling
I LOVE this sling. I use it everyday. I also get comments of how incredible it is and comfy when my daughter is in it. I have a "traditional" carrier and a ridiculously expensive sling; but she won't stand to be put in those. On the other hand, she will actually fall asleep in the Baby K'tan no matter where we are or what we are doing. On top of all this your company is charitable to organizations that are personally important to me as well. Having a sister with Down Syndrome growing up in the tough transitional period where those with mental disabilities can now make their mark. Watching my parents do their part to clear a path and open doors for her and now to see companies still out there helping is wonderful. Just know that from the grocery store, doctor's office, camping, and my sister's Special Olympic Events; from Ohio to North Carolina and all our stops in between I will continue to utilize the Baby K'Tan and send all the envious mother's, mom's to be, dad's, and even the grandma's (and everyone else) your way! - Angela


Comfort of a wrap, without all the fuss
I LOVE IT!! It is now my everyday, go-to carrier of choice. I have so many people ask me about it when out and about with my 18lb, 6-month-old in it, and I have sold at least 3 clients on it already! It is comfortable for hours at a time, and once you get the hang of it (I had to watch the DVD, and I tell everyone that watching it is essential to success), it is so easy to use. I feel like I get the comfort of a wrap, without all the fuss. So much easier to take on and off when it is time to nurse. I had seen the K'tan at The Baby Daily, but really hadn't given it a second thought, even though the gal working there was raving about it. I am so glad Morgan sent me info about your doula outreach program. I guarantee Baby K'tan will be making hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars from my clients and people who ask me about it on the street! - Kendra


It was wonderful in the airport

Thank you for such for a great carrier! This is our 9 week old daughter Delaney on a recent 3hr flight to Florida. It was wonderful in the airport and perfect for nursing and sleeping on the airplane! Best part, I didnt even have to remove her at security! - Crystal Herring


It has been a lifesaver

I love my carrier! It has been a lifesaver. I take my baby to work with me, and since I found this carrier I have been able to get more work done while attending to the needs of my baby also! I will tell anyone and everyone I can about the Baby K'tan! Thank you again for your assistance and for the great product! - Nicole Mitchell


Absolutely loves it
A good friend of mine recently had a babyshower and I brought your brochures and cards. So many people were interested and a women name April said she purchased one and absolutely loves it!! She said that people ask her where she got the baby K'tan all the time!!!!! Many of our friends have also become interested because they think there great (which they are)!! - Lela


My grandson is going to love being held with K'tan
We actually met a lady in a department store wearing one as we were looking for something similar. I wish i had her name because she's a great salesperson for your product. She told us all about it as well as where to find it on-line. It looks like a great product, I can't wait for my daughter to receive it, I know my grandson is going to love being held with K'tan.

- Jessica Tabakian


The only cry-free time I really get right now
Thank you!! The sling came at a perfect time. This is the only cry-free time I really get right now. Thank you so much!! Baby fell asleep the moment I put her in. Many Blessings

- Betty Dickerson


It is so soft and cozy, it's perfect
I was actually able to get down to Sunrise today to do the exchange - I was so excited about getting my K'tan I couldn't wait! The XS is perfect, and I really appreciate your advice on sizing. I put my daughter in it in the store and walked around to make sure it fit comfortably, and she fell asleep before I even had a chance to check out! It is so soft and cozy, it's perfect! I will show it off proudly!

- Sara


I was able to do my errands more easily
I tried it out for the first time yesterday (in the rain) and it was wonderful. Both Alex and I stayed dry and I was able to do my errands more easily! I had my Mommy and Me class yesterday as well and showed it off to the class.

-Ayelet Mullen


I have three children and this is by far the best purchase I've made!
I wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU again! It's perfect and Madeline and I are so happy! She really enjoys being snuggled in the carrier and I love having my hands back to handle all of the "Mommy Business" around the house! I have three children and this is by far the best purchase I've made for any of them!!!!! Again THANKS A MILLIONS for such a wonderful product! - Latwan

This product is a MUST for all parents
Our beautiful Naomi was born just under two months ago. A week after she was born we received our Baby K'tan Baby Carrier as a gift from the family and it is simply the best present we got. Doesn’t matter if she is tired, gassy or just plain needing to be held we use our ktan and she settles down in a minute. In the meantime we can still go about our daily chores. We are even able to clean the entire house with Naomi in the Ktan it is that comfortable. This product is a MUST for all parents and especially for first time parents. Simply perfect. Thank you so much, it keeps us sane!


I cannot live my life with twins and a singleton without my Baby K'tan
If I had to sum up my Baby K'Tan experience in one sentence, it would be this: "I cannot live my life with twins and a singleton without my Baby K'Tan!!" I am a sling-carrier-wrap obsessed mom... When my twins were born, I bought the Metro Mama baby wrap, the Rocking Baby Mama sling, the Jellybean sling, and even tried to make my own! The cost ran from $130 (Metro Mama) to $30 (Jellybean) but I had never found anything that (1) I liked and (2) my babies liked. With my third, I vowed I wouldn't buy another sling - even my husband said, "You have so many already, we can't afford another one!" I tried to make the others work, but it was either a TON of extra fabric dragging on the floor, too complicated to wrap with one hand, or uncomfortable. When the pink K'tan was on sale during breast cancer awareness month, I decided it was a GREAT deal and decided to try it - and I will never, ever, ever, go back to any other carrier! Not only that, my husband ASKED me to get HIM one!! Haha, he now has and loves the Breeze. I am so enthusiastic when people ask me about my K'tan - I love putting it on in front of other moms because I just KNOW they will ask me about it! I've demonstrated at the grocery store, the mall, in line at Disneyland! I've gone to other new moms' houses (our friends) to show them, because they want to see before they buy! Many have wanted to buy a sling, but either (1)don't know which one or (2) want to see it "IN ACTION" first! I lovelovelove talking about my K'Tan. Like I said before, I cannot live my life, the lifestyle I have, deal with my twins and newborn, make lunch, clean up, etc. without my K'tan!


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