Why Baby K'tan

Other Slings & Carriers

Single Sling (ring or fitted):


  • Goes over one shoulder only

  • Limited wearing positions

  • Less security for baby


  • Complicated to put on

  • Excessive fabric in hot weather

  • Drags on ground when putting on

  • Difficult to remove

Structured Carrier:

  • Complicated buckles, rings or snaps

  • Limited positions

  • Not dryer safe

The Baby K'tan Baby Carrier

Double-Sling Design:

  • Rests on both shoulders

  • Multiple wearing positions holds babies 8lb to 35lb

  • Double loop provides extra security for baby

No wrapping involved: Watch Video!

  • Easy to put on with no wrapping!

  • Less fabric than a wrap

  • Comes ready to wear

  • Simple to remove

100% soft cotton carrier:

  • No buckles, rings or snaps

  • Multiple positions

  • Machine washable and dryer safe