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Compare Carrier Styles

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What's the difference between each of our award-winning carriers?
  • Original and Print:

The Baby K'tan ORIGINAL and PRINT Baby Carriers are made of 100% jersey knit cotton with a unique one-way stretch. This all natural cotton fabric offers a soft and cozy carrier for parent and baby.

  • Breeze:

The Baby K'tan BREEZE Baby Carriers are made of 100% cotton - with jersey knit cotton on one half of the loops and a unique cotton-mesh on the other half of the loops. This cotton-mesh construction allows for added airflow. This is a great option for people who want a more breathable carrier with a natural fabric.

  • Active:

The Baby K’tan ACTIVE Baby Carrier ​is made of a breathable hi-tech performance fabric. This wicks away moisture and sweat, blocks over 90% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays and provides a unique temperature control for parent and baby.

  • Organic:

The Baby K’tan ORGANIC Cotton Baby Carriers are made of a 100% GOTS certified organic cotton with unique one-way stretch. This environmentally-friendly carrier is made of a soft natural fabric that will give you and your little one a warm and cozy hold.

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