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The International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier as a "hip-healthy" product when used as directed.



Parenting is a journey. From your baby's first step, to a laundry ridden home, to a moment filled with tears of joy. No matter what your journey may be, we want to be right there with you.

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The Baby K'tan is a perfect solution. It is like a sling and a wrap in one!

I really love the Baby K'tan. I rented a wrap and a sling here to try out (didn't want to buy before knowing for sure). The sling pulls my neck and shoulders and the wrap is way too much fabric. It hangs on the dirty floor while I am trying to wrap me and my baby... The Baby K'tan is a perfect solution. It is like a sling and a wrap in one without the neck and shoulder pain of a sling and the dirty fabric of a wrap. I just bought one for my sister in law who is due beginning of March. I should buy one more for myself for when the other one is in the wash.

- Carmen

- Betty

The only cry-free time I really get right now...

Thank you!! The sling came at a perfect time. This is the only cry-free time I really get right now. Thank you so much!! My baby fell asleep the moment I put her in. Many Blessings!



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Baby K'tan provides families with functional and innovative products, designed to help promote the natural bond between parent and baby.

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